• Rainwater Maintenance Plans
    The Rainwater Guy works with a wide range of customers across the UK maintaining both domestic and commercial rainwater harvesting systems to ensure they continue to run to their optimal ability.
  • Wastewater Maintenance Plans
    The Rainwater Guy specialises in the maintenance of Graf wastewater treatment plants where we have a large number of both domestic and commercial systems.
  • Remedial Works and Call outs
    Do you have a problem with your Rainwater harvesting or Wastewater Treatment system? Our engineers are available for over the phone assistance and in person call out visits to assess and fix the problem.
  • Tank Cleans (Rainwater)
    Tank cleans ensure that the water running through the system is clean and thus your rainwater harvesting system runs efficiently.
  • Installation & Commissioning
    The Rainwater guy are on hand to assist with installation and commissioning of your Rainwater Harvesting System or your Graf Wastewater Treatment system.
  • FAQ’s, Help & Support
    FAQ’s, Help & Support